Spicy Mushroom Crostini

30 g yellow boletuses (dried)
2 dried chillies
100 ml olive oil
50 g pine nuts
50 g parmesan (grated)
For the tomato
3 firm tomatoes
2 tbsp. basil (chopped)
2 tbsp. olive oil

12 slices white bread

  Place yellow boletuses into 250 ml of lukewarm water to soak for 30 minutes.
Then strain them and dice finely. Pour the broth through a coffee filter.
Crumble chili peppers and sauté them with yellow boletuses in 2 tablespoons oil. Pour in the broth, cover and let simmer about 15 minutes. Let cool down.
Wash and cut tomatoes into small cubes. Mix well tomatoes, basil, olive oil and salt.
Mash mushrooms with the broth, the remaining oil, pine nuts and parmesan, season with salt.
Toast bread in the oven at 250 ° C or in a toaster. Spread with mushroom-paste and top with the diced tomatoes.