Boiled Beef

1 brisket (approx. 2 1/2 to 3 kg)
300 g celery, yellow carrots, carrots and parsley root
200 g onions in skin
1 stick of leek,
approx. 5 l water
1 kg of beef bones
sea salt, lovage
5 tbsp. chives (cut into fine rolls)
15 peppercorns



Wash meat and bones in cold water. Bring the 5 litres of water to boil in a large pot, put brisket, bones, peppercorns in, simmer on low heat, you must expect 3-4 hours cooking time. Skim occasionally. Halve onions and fry the cut areas in a pan until the become dark brown. Wash celery, yellow carrots, carrots and parsley root and leek, peel and cut into pieces. Add the celery. yellow carrots, carrots and parsley root, leek, lovage and onions 1 hour before finishing and leave to simmer on low heat. Remove cooked, tender meat from the pot, season soup with salt and pepper, strain through a sieve. Cut the beef into finger-thick slices across the grain, pour soup over it and sprinkle with sea salt and chives. Fried potatoes, apple-horseradish and chive sauce are traditionally served with this dish, but dill string beans, cream spinach, romaine lettuce with peas and pumpkin are also very suitable.

Tipp: You can also prepare the following pieces of beef in the same manner: Centre cut rump, tail of rump, lean or fat chuck tenderloin, tender cuts from the shoulder or loin.