Champagne Rissotto

2 medium shallots
100 g cold butter
200 g risotto rice
300 ml champagne or dry sparkling wine
50 g parmesan (grated)
50 ml whipped cream (whipped)
250 prawns
1/2 chicken soup cube
salt, pepper

  Bring 600 ml water to the boil, dissolve the soup cubes and keep hot.
Peel and finely chop the shallots. Heat 30 g butter, add shallots and rice and
Add the rice and sauté, stirring. Deglaze with 200 ml champagne.
Cover rice with soup and simmer gently until cooked. Keep stirring and cover with hot soup.
Remove the risotto from the cooker, fold in 50 g cold butter, Parmesan, remaining champagne and cream. Season to taste with pepper and salt. Keep warm.
Rinse the prawns and pat dry. Thread onto four small skewers and season with salt and pepper. Heat the remaining butter and fry the prawns on both sides until translucent.
Arrange the risotto in bowls and place the prawn skewers on top.