Goulash Soup

400 g beef (shoulder or brisket)
1 1/4 l beef stock (cube)
2 large onions
2 tbsp. Oil
1 tbsp. Sweet paprika
one dush vinegar
4 potatoes
1 tsp. caraway seed



Cut onions finely and the beef in small cubes. Peele the potatoes and cut into 2 cm cubes. Heat oil in a pot and stew the onions. Add paprika and sauteé for only 3 seconds. Douse with a shot of vinegar. Add beef to the onions. Season with salt and caraway seed. Stew in one's own juice covered for approx. 45 minutes, stirring regularly. Then pour in the beef stock and add the  potatoes. Simmer until all have a slight bit. Season to taste with salt.