Goulash on polenta

Pakistani Lamb Curry



Asparagus Beef Tenderloin

Beef in Oyster Sauce

Beef on a Skewer

Beef with Pumpkin

Beef Escalope with Pasta Souffle

Beef Escalopes with Red Wine Shallots

Beef Escalope with Root Vegetables

Beef Escalopes with Sour Cream

Beef Escalope with Tomato Avocado Salsa

Beef Goulash with Beans and Pepper Potatoes

Beef Madras

Beef Olives

Beef Pot with Brussel Sprouts

Beef Steak simmered

Beef Stew with Beans and Tomatoes

Beef Stew with Beer

Beef Stew with Cabbage

Beef Stew with Peppers Beer Sauce

Beef Sticks with Yoghurt

Beef Tenderloin with Onions

Beef with Cucumber

Beef with Vinegar-Horseradish and Dill-Mashed Potatoes

Boiled Beef

Bombay Curry

Brandenburger Goulash

Chianti Sirloin

Chili con Carne

Chow Mein

Csango Gulasch

Emperor Beef Escalope

Emperor Escalope

Farmer Pot

Fricco with Sourcrout

Gipsy Escalope

Goulash Gábor Básci

Goulash on polenta

Goulash Triestina

Goulash with Sauce

Kolozsvari Goulash

Khorma Beef with Almonds

Lamb in Spicy Sauce

Marjoram Meat

Onion Beef

Onion Meat

Onion Meat in Honey Balsamic Sauce

Pakistani Lamb Curry

Paprika Beef Escalope

Poached Fillet of Beef

Pumpkin Beef Stew


Roast Beef Rolls

Roast Beef with Mushrooms

Sailors Beef

Satay Sticks

Swabian Pot

Szegediner Cabbage Meat

Veal Shank with Mushrooms